• Keynote Speaker

    Keynote Speaker

    Sabrina is a TEDx speaker who provides interactive and thought-provoking commentary to audiences internationally. A dynamic speaker, Sabrina is invited to conferences, town halls, business off-sites and podcasts.


    Sabrina speaks on strategy, leadership, business, entrepreneurship, transformation, supplier diversity and provides cultural and social commentary. Sabrina is known for her radical candour, authenticity and leadership accountability.


    Sabrina’s speaking credits include Tedx Fidelity International, Harvard Business School, House of Lords, Pension Protection Fund, Future of Media and Atomicon.

    Moderator and Guest

    Sabrina is invited to moderate, share her thought leadership, expertise and personal journey on various multi-media platforms.


    Sabrina's appearances include Black Cultural Archives Innaugural Townhall, The Lockdown Economy, Finding your path, and The Broken Record Podcast.


  • Some of Sabrina's appearances

    Digital Expo Part I

    Keynote Speaker

    Sabrina was invited to provide the Negotiating for business success keynote for the Digital Expo.  Negotiating for business success is a workshop designed by Sabrina. In this keynote she explains what Negotiating for business success means.

    Liberian Business Alliance: Inaugural Townhall

    Speaker and Host

    In this historical moment, Sabrina hosted the inaugural Liberian Business Alliance townhall. The Liberian Business Alliance is a social enterprise dedicated to the economic development of Liberian business owners and professionals in the UK and Liberia.

    Finding Your Path Podcast


    In this very candid conversation, Sabrina shares her stories about her successes and challenges like being called an "African Bush Boogie", facing discrimination, dealing with imposter syndrome and all of the factors that make her who she is.

    Anxiety about Anxiety Podcast


    Sabrina was a featured guest on Anxiety on Anxiety Podcast. Her episode, "It started I the streets" explores the reactions the black community has had in response to the protests on George Floyd, the root cause for this and how the community can move forward. Click the image to listen to "It Started in the Street".

    Digital Expo Part II


    In this practical session, Sabrina provides a teaser of Negotiating for business success at the Digital Expo July 2021. Negotiating for business success is a workshop designed by Sabrina.

    Lockdown Economy


    Sabrina is interviewed by the Lockdown Economy. In this interview, Sabrina shares her insights on how Build Global has been dealing with COVID-19, what were the key challenges, success and advice for other businesses dealing with the pandemic.

    The Broken Record Player Podcast


    Sabrina is back on the Broken Record Player Podcast to discuss her favourite Jay-Z album, The Black Album. The conversation explores how The Black Album is a masterclass in marketing, branding and hip-hop.

    The Broken Record Player Podcast


    Sabrina was invited to the Broken Record Player Podcast to discuss one of her favourite albums, Love Supreme by John Coltrane. The conversation explores John Coltrane's life, the historical context of the album and why its a masterpiece.

    Black Cultural Archives: Townhall


    It is a rare opportunity to be part of a conversation that will shape history. Sabrina hosted the inaugural Black Cultural Archives (BCA) townhall with Managing Director, Arike Oke. The BCA is the only national heritage centre dedicated to collecting, preserving and celebrating the histories of African and Caribbean people in Britain.

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