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    I am a sci-fi geek hence the reference

    Build Global

    Managing Partner

    Build Global is a boutique strategy consultancy that provides Corporate Strategy, Business Transformation and Sustainability Services to Companies. From Entrepreneurs, Founders, C-Suite to Leadership Teams Build Global partners with clients to transform their companies, so they are built to last. Build Global is the only black and woman-owned business that provides these combination of services in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Sabrina works with companies in both an advisory or consulting capacity based on their needs. Sabrina brings her cross-industry expertise to solve business problems.

    Niche On Demand


    Niche on Demand is where black creativity and capital meet. Niche on Demand is a studio that Executive Produces original content, theatre and film productions. Sabrina is an Executive Producer.

    Liberian Business Alliance

    Founder and President

    The Liberian Business Alliance is the first Liberian led association for business owners, professionals and partners based in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The Liberian Business Alliance is dedicated to establishing a network of business owners and professionals who are committed to the economic development and empowerment of Liberians in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Liberia.


    Board Member

    Theatre503 is the home of new writers and a launchpad for the artists who bring their words to life. We are pioneers in supporting new writers and a champion of their role in the theatre ecology. We find exceptional playwrights who will define the canon for the next generation. Learning and career development are at the core of what we do.

    The Royal Society for Arts, Manufacturing and Commerce


    The RSA is committed to a future that works for everyone. A future where people can participate in its creation. The RSA has been at the forefront of significant social impact for over 260 years. Their proven change process, rigorous research, innovative ideas platforms and diverse global community of over 30,000 problem-solvers, deliver solutions for lasting change.


    Non-Executive Director, Chair

    Liberally is a ground-breaking new digital platform, championing the stories and talent of minority voices across the liberal arts (the arts, humanities, culture, and politics), where underrepresented and/or discriminated against due to gender, race, ethnicity, age, disability and/or sexual orientation.

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