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Small Business Wednesday: Neighborhood Development Center

Allow me to introduce you to Neighborhood Development Center (NDC). Neighborhood Development Center is a registered 501c3 organization based in Minnesota that provides a range of business support services to local entrepreneurs. NDC believes in the power, drive and daring of local entrepreneurs to transform their lives and revitalise their neighborhoods. NDC has a track record of supporting entrepreneurs from all backgrounds and have a specific focus on building neighborhoods.

All monies from the Small Business impacted by looting fund that I started will go to the Neighborhood Development Center. I started the fund because small businesses have been feeling the pain of a nation. Small Businesses don't get relief, insurance does not cover looting and buisness owners are left with having to rebuild. Every $1 will return $28 to the neighborhood. Let's support small business owners.

3 ways that you can support the Neighborhood Development Center:

1. Donate to the Small Business impacted by looting fund

2. Repost this post to build awareness

3. Follow @NDC on twitter and LinkedIn

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