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Small Business Profile: LendingCrowd

LendingCrowd offer keener loan rates to businesses and better returns to lenders. They do this by providing a leading-edge fintech lending service that brings interested parties together – hence LendingCrowd.

LendingCrowd believe that people looking to lend their money seek more control, convenience and faster, easier access to competitive products to achieve better financial returns.

To support a vibrant and growing community of small and medium-sized enterprises across Britain, LendingCrowd aim to provide simple, lower-cost lending (with greater flexibility, straightforward security arrangements, minimum ongoing administration and no exit fees).

You can support LendingCrowd in 3 ways:

1. Book a call

2. Follow @lendingcrowd LinkedIn, or Twitter

3. Tell someone about LendingCrowd

I profile small businesses every Wednesday because small businesses are the heartbeat of a thriving economy.

I started a Fund to support Small Businesses. You can support by donating and sharing the campaign below.

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