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Fund: Small Businesses Impacted by Looting

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· Small Biz Wednesday

We are watching around the world as black people pursue justice for the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and countless other people.

Small Businesses are feeling the pain of a nation as their life's work, goals, legacy, and dreams are burned down. Korboi's story in the youtube clip gives us a glimpse of how real the impact is. Unfortunately, his experience is not isolated.
Small Businesses are the heartbeat of a thriving economy. Not all business owners have insurance, some insurances do not cover looting. Additionally, 43% of small business owners confirmed that they did not have cash for more than 6 months according to a Met Life and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce released in April 2020.
As a business owner myself, I know how difficult it is to maintain cashflow when your business is operating as planned because like many others I am fighting for my business to survive COVID-19. Now small business owners in the US are grappling with a pandemic and a crisis.
Small business owners don't get relief.
Your support will help small business owners have relief. As they start to re-build after ashes your donation will be a lifeline for a group of people who are always there for our communities.

Small business owners need us, now more than ever.

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